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Stunning Baptism Photos

Baptism or Christening is an intimate and beautiful family event in the life of baby and its parents. As a rule mother and father spend a lot of time and efforts preparing to this special spiritual and family event – they search for a church and priest, select nice white clothes for their little daughter or son. The day of baptism without any doubt deserves special attention. To create a really beautiful album you’ll need professional baptism photography. Of course you can make a few amateur shots but they won’t capture the intimate atmosphere of this special event.

Our photographers are ready to capture the best moments of this great day step by step starting with pre ceremony home photo session. You child feels the most comfortable at home so it’s a reasonable decision here. We’ll make some nice family pictures of you and your baby in warm home atmosphere. If you want we can also photograph the main preparations preceding the ceremony. We make gorgeous pictures of baptism by capturing all the key moments of the ceremony. A good baptism photographer will catch the minute when the priest pours the water on the baby’s head and the moment of blessing with oil. To provide the best coverage of the ceremony and demonstrate the beauty of the church we make photos from different angles. Pictures like portrait with the priest, full-body portrait of baby with parents and general images with all guests in the front of church are traditionally included into the baptism photo session.

Baptism Photography Toronto

Toronto Baptism Photography

Our team has long experience in photographing babies and various family events. We know how to make beautiful portraits and don’t miss the most important moments of the event. If you plan a reception after the ceremony our photographers will make photos of your family and friends joining to celebrate this once in a lifetime event. We strive to deliver elegant baptism photo you’ll be excited of. We apply unobtrusive delicate approach to our customers and always try to match their expectations. As a rule we communicate with our clients before the ceremony to find out their vision how photo session should look like.

Photos we make are always of the highest quality!

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